Save Organs Save Life

Participate in our organ saving mission and help us continue creating a better tomorrow for our fellow human beings.

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LimbLoss Prevention Campaign

Welcome to Save Organs Save Life, an initiative by Mr. K Bharath Kumar and Nikeelu Gunda of JCI SUPAR Hyderabad in association with Laxmi Rao and HMTV. Our mission is to save organs from amputation due to Gangrene, foot ulcers, cellulitis, burns and other chronic wounds across the globe. We believe that everyone should have access to medical care regardless of their financial status or geographical location. At KBK Hospital, we provide top-notch medical services for such cases so that people can get the necessary treatment they need without any hassle. Through this campaign, we aim to spread awareness about the importance of early detection and timely intervention for a better outcome during these conditions. Join us on our journey towards saving lives! 

Health Camps

As a Part of Campaign KBK Multi Speciality Hospitals Aims to Organise 200+ Health Camps in India in 2023

Awareness Programs

Gangrene Awareness Programs are being conducted at various places to educate people

Consultation @ Rs.1/-

Free Tele-consultation and Consultation at KBK Multispeciality Hospitals Hayath Nagar Branch at Rs. 1/-

Join us at Save Organs Save Life Campaign & Be a Change Maker to spread Awareness on ” Gangrene”